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● Receiving volumes and buzzer volumes can be adjusted
● Line checking (RD MODE) function
● Waterproof structure
● Redial and partial entry function (CB,LB MODE)
No. Feature Function
Handset Voice Call (Handset)
On Hook Switch Call(Off hook) or End call(On hook) Switch
Binding Post Power Support and Signal Transmit Field Wire Connect Port
Receive(Bell) Volume Receive Signal (Bell) Volume Control
Receive Voice Volume Receive Voice Volume Control
Buzzer Receive Signal(Bell) Output by Sound
Call Lamp Call Status, Line Status Check Display Lamp
SIG Lamp Receive Signal(Bell) Display Flash Lamp
0 ~ 9 Dial Pad Button 0~9
* “*” Button
# “#” Button
R Last Call Phone Number Dialing (Redial)
P Interrupt Call
C Call Button(RD Mode)
No. Function
Mode Chice Switch
Field wire fixing hook
Battery Insertion
● Frequency Range : 300~3,400Hz
● Transmit Power : More than -5 dBm (600ohm, 1 KHz, 105dB SPL)
● Ring Signalling Acoustic Level : More than 105dB SPL (1KHz, 0dBm)
● Transmission distance
CB : 8Km
LB : 12Km
RD : 16Km
● Consumption Current (Voice) : Less than 12mA
● Temperature : Operational -35℃~60℃ / Storage -55℃~71℃
● Environmental condition : MIL-STD-810F
(High temperature, Low temperature, Humidity, Sand dust, Impact, Vibration)
● Weight : 1.5Kg or Lighter
● Size : 123(W) X 210(L) X 80(H)mm
● Front Panel : Keypad & LED Lamp



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