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The one group consists of one master terminal and maximum 9 slave terminals
● Master : Communication function between radio and slave (Including external radio)
● Slave : Intercom function and communication function with external radio by master terminal
Item Specification
Radio Frequency Type ISM 2402MHz ~ 2480MHz
Radio Interface ISM 2.4GHz: FSK Modulation with Frequency Hopping
Output Power: Class 1(100mW)
Tx Max Output Power 100mW
Rx Sensitivity -95dBm
Voice Latency < 100ms
Line Station Connector XLR-4S and 3.5pi Ear-Jack and mini USB
Headset Station Connector XLR-4P and 3.5pi Ear-Jack and mini USB
Battery Internal Li-Polymer @3.7V/2200mA
Antenna Internal Chip Antenna @Avg. -2dBi
Audio Sampling Frequency 8KHz
Microphone Type Electret or Dynamic
Charging Via mini USB connector using supplied Charger
Noise Reduction 100dB with soundproof
Channel Setting
Selected by Group ID through LCD
(LOS) 100 ~ 200M @Class 1
Maximum operation users 9 person ( Not include Master device )
Dimensions 111.5mm(H) x 69mm(W) x 30mm(D)
Weight < 220g

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