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The antenna AD-27/V150-3512 is an ultra wideband short mobile VHF/UHF antenna for frequency range from 30 to 512 MHZ, mainly intended for use in heavy duty mobile applications.
The antenna is composed of two main parts: antenna base and radiating element, The antenna base is made of aluminum and durable plastic materials. Inside the base is the matching circuitry and (optional) GPS antenna. Stainless steel spring absorbs the shocks and the vibrations, in addition protects the antenna against impacts. Radiating element is made of composite materials enable outstanding strength and roughness even in hardest conditions of use.
The antenna base has four mounting holes equally spaced on a 4.5" (114.3 mm) circle which complies with NATO standard. Different base plate dimensions are available on request.
The antenna radiator is painted with military green (RAL-6014) two-component UV resistant paint.


Frequency range 30-512 MHZ
Impedance 50 ohms
VSWR <3,5
Gain typ.-8.....+1.5 dB
Polarization vert.
Maximum power 100 W CW
Connector N female (BNC female optional)
Frequency range L1 1575.42+/- 10 MHZ
Impednace 50 ohms
Polarization RHC
Gain (LNA) 26 dB
Noise fig. 1.35 dB
Power supply 5 V DC +/-0.25 V (max.20 mA)
Connector SMA female
Design End fed whip (WHF/UHF); patch antenna with LNA (GPS)
Height 1.50m
Weight 3.5kg
Max. high voltage rating 16kV
Temperature range - in use -50...+55℃
Temperature range - in stock -55...+75℃
Wind rating 45 m/s (160 km/h)
Color MIL Green
AD-27/V150-3512: VHF/UHF antenna
AD-27/V150-3512G : combined VHF/UHF and GPS antenna



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